Randi Cee

Jazz Singer

“Like the finest vocalists from the early days of jazz, Cee has multiple dimensions in her singing… Cee aims for a crystalline prettiness that she easily nails; her vocals are breathtakingly pretty here. The playfulness of “Bye Bye Blackbird” and the nostalgic balladry of “You Made Me Love You” add to Cee’s impressive range.” –Jazz Corner

“Randi Cee is an adult dose of soul and feeling”
—Andy Garcia, actor/director/musician


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Behind the scenes from the recording sessions of the EP “Any Kind of Man”.


Randi is a performer in every sense of the word. These songs of the American songbook are stories set to music.With a wicked twinkle she can make you blush without having used a naughty word.

This material is ripe with love, passion and the occasional drunken mistake and Randi Cee and her band bring them out of the past and into the present. Randi’s performing background encompasses stage, screen and television. Acting, singing and dancing In Los Angeles, Europe and Japan.

One of her first job was with legendary composer John Williams. As he conducted her into his original score for Steven Spielberg’s HOOK, she herself was “hooked” and knew she would have to make music part of her life.The passion for early jazz was set into motion by her Grandmother. There aren’t many six years olds who are given both the love of raw oysters and the Andrew Sisters from their Nana.

Randi Cee has sung jazz in Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City. She has been lucky enough to share songs on the bandstand with: Bob Draga, John Reynolds, Dan Levinson, Katie Cavera, Ben Polcer, Benny Brydern and Tom Fischer.

She is a present day Red Hot Mama she exudes the style and feeling of a woman who burns with passion. She can swing and also reminds you why ballads were written.The stories come to life when she sings them and they are just as pertinent now as when they were written. Randi’s interpretation gives an old tune a new spin.

As Bessie Smith crooned “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” but good music isn’t it’s right here! It’s alive and well and you have found it. Vibrant hot and ready to excite a whole new batch of hipsters!

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